Effective Squash Drop Shot

Use this technique wisely and you can up lift your game to a entire new level. Win matches in three short strategic games against the same opponents that in the past forced you into tight long drawn out games. Strategy is such an important part of this incredible game-squash and the drop shot is an effective art of an elegant winning strategy.

  • The squash drop shot is an advanced skill level that includes wrist , racket face control balance and foot work.

  • The speed of the racket swing and hitting angles are crucial to success.

  • A effective drop shot will be low and tight to the side wall where the ball dies.


  • The squash ball should be approached by facing the side wall, shoulders and chest parallel to the side walls.

  • Maintain a good racket length from the squash ball

  • Enable the racket swing to "slice" under the squash ball with a moderate swing.


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